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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tarocash a good brand?

Renowned for its clean-cut aesthetics and on-trend tailoring, Tarocash offers a broad range of sizes for the perfect fit. Whether it be for spring racing, formal weddings or everyday work attire, Tarocash has something for every man’s wardrobe. The label produces both casual and luxurious menswear with a focus on craftsmanship and quality.

What is Tarocash formalwear?

Tarocash exists to make formalwear for the new man–the bloke who wants to look sharp for every occasion. They have a strong passion for making every man feel comfortable while looking sharp and dressing the part.

What is the difference between Tarocash and Connor?

Tarocash is the main retailer of affordable suits for millennial and Generation Z consumers in Australia, but is often ridiculed for its cheap polyester clothing. [4] Connor is a menswear chain selling format, smart and casual clothing at affordable prices established in 2007. [1] There are 172 Connor stores in Australia. [5]

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