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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tarocash?

Tarocash is for the everyday modern man. Look sharp, smart and on-trend from 9-5 to out of office. Tarocash is for the modern man. We design and produce smart menswear on the basis that every man should have the power to look sharp and on-trend for every occasion.

How many Tarocash stores are there in Australia?

Today, Tarocash has grown into one of Australia’s most successful menswear retailers, with over 115 stores across Australia and New Zealand with additional stockists throughout the region. The original philosophy of providing outstanding service remains.

What is the Tarocash suiting room?

The Tarocash Suiting Room is an elevated suiting and customer experience like no other, this is a destination where the bridal party can get suited, booted and styled for their big day – get everyone involved and make a day of it! Or get a group of friends together for a suiting session for the next big formal occasion.

What is the difference between Tarocash and Connor?

Tarocash is the main retailer of affordable suits for millennial and Generation Z consumers in Australia, but is often ridiculed for its cheap polyester clothing. [4] Connor is a menswear chain selling format, smart and casual clothing at affordable prices established in 2007. [1] There are 172 Connor stores in Australia. [5]

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