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Frequently Asked Questions

What does telecommuting stand for?

Telecommuting —also called "teleworking"—is when an individual performs their job from outside a company’s office with telecommunication options like phone, email and internet tools such as Slack or Skype. Though freelancing can be considered a form of telecommuting, it more often refers to when an individual performs their job from ...

Does telecommuting really work?

Do more things in a shorter period of time. Telecommuting also frees people from lengthy commutes to allow for more hours for work or other restorative activities like exercise, meditation, and sleep. These can result in greater work productivity too. And with increased productivity comes higher income, too.

Is telecommuting good or bad for business?

Telecommuting is generally beneficial for employee and employer, but it requires serious, diligent management and communication to attain the greatest benefits.

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