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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tempoe®?

TEMPOE® is a leading provider of No Credit Required Leasing with several payment options. We help retailers put retail within reach for their consumers.

Will tempoe accept less than the full amount of my debt?

If your debt is fairly old, then there’s a chance that Tempoe, LLC will accept less than the full amount you owe (a practice known as debt settlement) to minimize their losses. You can negotiate a debt settlement with Tempoe, LLC over the phone or by sending a debt settlement letter.

What is a tempoe payment reminder?

WNLI/TEMPOE send important payment reminder emails throughout the lifecycle of the lease that notify customers of the amount and date of their upcoming lease payment. TEMPOE has implemented the ability to Refund via ACH directly to decrease complaints around refunds.

Is tempoe a first-party debt collector?

Because Tempoe, LLC is a first-party debt collector, they don’t need to abide by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and there are fewer restrictions on how they contact you (unless your state has its own laws governing first-party debt collectors). There are several ways of removing Tempoe, LLC debt from your credit report.

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