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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Tesla TSLA recalled?

Tesla TSLA in February issued a safety recall of 362,758 of certain Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y vehicles for an over-the-air software update of its Full Self-Driving feature.

Will new competition cut Tesla's market share?

“We have been anticipating that the new competition in the EV space will eventually cut into Tesla’s market share,” said Michelle Krebs, executive analyst for Cox Automotive. A challenge for Model 3 is also that it’s a car and “people want sport utility vehicles, which is why you’re seeing tighter demand for Model Y,” she said.

Is the Tesla Model S safe to drive?

Tesla has issued a safety recall for 2,649 units of Model S luxury electric sedans in China which were manufactured in the US, reports CnEVPost. These Tesla Model S sedans come with a faulty frunk lid, which pops open automatically while driving, posing a safety risk for the vehicle and other cars.

What happens when the Tesla Model S' primary latch is accidentally released?

The report also says that when the Tesla Model S' primary latch is accidentally released, the frunk could suddenly open while the EV is still in motion since there's a chance the secondary latch isn't properly locked. Previously, Tesla recalled a total of 19,167 Model S sedans on 31st December 2021 for similar reasons.

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