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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Boost Juice Bar&Kitchen?

The Boost Juice Bar & Kitchen is a family-owned and operated small restaurant that specializes in healthy food and fresh squeezed juices. The Boost opened for the first time in 2015 fulfilling a need for healthy food options at the Coastland Mall of Naples.

Who is Boost Juice?

The idea was brilliantly simple: make healthy living tasty and fun. The woman was Australian adventurer and entrepreneur Janine Allis. The bar was Boost Juice – now one of the most popular and loved juice and smoothie brands across the globe, with over 580 stores across 13 different countries and counting. Boost from the beginning.

What happened to Boost Juice Bars?

In May 2006, Boost Juice Bars ceased operations in New Zealand after the franchiser (which operated all the New Zealand stores) was put into liquidation. The stores were sold to Tank Juice, which now operates the concept under the Tank brand.

Is boost a sustainable brand?

When Boost first launched in 2000, Janine employed the use of Styrofoam cups with sustainable manufacturing to minimize costs and to establish Boost as an environmentally friendly brand. In late 2013, Boost changed its cups from Styrofoam to paper cups.

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