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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sun International Ltd?

Sun International Ltd (SIL) is a gaming and hospitality company. The company owns and operates casinos, hotels, and resort properties. It provides accommodation, gaming, hospitality and events, entertainment, and food and beverages at its properties.

What is Sun International known for?

Sun International has a proud legacy in the gaming, hospitality, and entertainment industries, with diverse assets, including world-class five-star hotels, modern and well-located casinos, and some of the world's finest premier resorts.

Where is Sun International hotels headquartered?

Sun International Hotels is headquartered in the Bahamas, on Paradise Island, which is the world's largest island resort, 70% of which is owned by the company. Sun International has been incorporated in South Africa in 1967 and also runs a head office in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Is Sun International a casino?

Gaming. Sun International operates a portfolio of casinos with slots and table games in South Africa, Africa and South America. View our casino promotions.

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