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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Toyota Highlanders are recalled?

More than 15,000 vehicles included in the recall are still on dealer lots and will not be sold until they have been repaired. In documentation sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Toyota says it is aware of eight incidents in which a 2020 Highlander stalled while driving.

Why did Toyota issue a safety recall?

Due to a programming error in the ECU, the fuel system might malfunction during start-stop, and the gas might not make it to engine. No fuel means no go, so Toyota issued a safety recall due to the risk of the vehicle stalling out while in use.

What's the difference between a Toyota recall and a Lexus recall?

One is a nationwide recall, DSF (Toyota)/DSC (Lexus), and the second recall is regional, focused on the Gulf Coast and other areas within the United States and United States Territories with consistently high absolute humidity, E04 (Toyota)/ELG (Lexus).

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