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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a transitory record?

3.What is a transitory record? The GRS provides two criteria for identifying a transitory record: the records are required for only a short time (generally less than 180 days), and the agency does not require the records to meet legal or fiscal obligations, or to initiate, sustain, evaluate, or provide evidence of decision-making.

What is the difference between transitory and intermediary Records?

This schedule covers records of a transitory or intermediary nature. Transitory records are routine records of short term value (generally less than 180 days). Intermediary records are those involved in creating a subsequent record. These records do not document significant decisions or actions an agency takes.

Are all emails transitory Records?

 Not all emails are transitory records.  Not all copies are transitory records. Copies may need to be kept in one or more recordkeeping systems because they form an essential part of a file or set of records. For example, they may be needed to understand related records or provide context.

When can I destroy transitory Records?

In general, you can destroy transitory records when they no longer serve their primary purpose. For example, Destroy notices once the event has taken place (if you are not the author). Destroy drafts once the final version is issued. Destroy FYI files when no longer referenced. Destroy “cc” copies when the issue is resolved or concluded.

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