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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Urdu worksheets for beginners?

And that’s where our Urdu worksheets for beginners come in. Not only will you learn words, phrases, and Urdu grammar, but you also get a chance to practice what you’ve learned and cement these words into your head. The worksheets are designed to teach and test you, so that you end up remembering the Urdu better.

How do I get practice writing in Urdu?

You can also print out several copies of the Urdu worksheet PDFs in order to get extra practice. They’re 100% FREE at UrduPod101. You get practice writing in Urdu.

What is the difference between Hindi and Urdu?

Hindi is a close relative of the Urdu language spoken in Pakistan, and speakers of the two languages can often understand one another, at least to some extent. Both languages are descendants of the collo-quial Hindustani spoken in northern India in the ninth and tenth centuries. (The name “Hindi” is of Persian Preview and Download !

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