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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Protective Design Center?

The purpose of the Protective Design Center website is to provide information, criteria, and programming tools to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors (U.S. citizenship required). Please honor the markings on all documents and web pages.

What does a protective design center security engineer do?

Protective Design Center security engineers execute comprehensive on-site physical security surveys to determine threats and vulnerabilities for critical facilities and individual assets. The information gathered during these surveys is used to develop a set of protective measures designed to mitigate specific aggressor threats.

What is the protective design MCX?

The Protective Design MCX maintains state-of-the-art technical expertise in, and provides expert support to mission areas including design to resist the effects of conventional weapons, nuclear weapons, and accidental explosions.

What are the documents pertaining to protective design?

A number of documents pertaining to protective design are provided below. . For a complete listing of publicly available technical documents including UFCs, UFGS,DOD Handbooks, please use the WBDG website DOD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List Validated List of Vehicle Barriers Having Passed Testing in Accordance with ASTM F2656 or DoS SD-STD-02.01

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