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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Utah a Free State?

Slavery was legal in Utah as a result of the Compromise of 1850, which brought California into the Union as a free state while allowing Utah and New Mexico territories the option of deciding the issue by “popular sovereignty.”. Some Mormon pioneers from the South had brought African-American slaves with them when they migrated west.

Is Utah a Real ID?

Utah has been issuing REAL ID-compliant cards since January 1, 2010. When you apply for a Utah state ID or driver license, you will automatically receive a card that is fully compliant with REAL ID standards.

Is Utah a desert state?

A desert state not exactly known for its wide sandy beaches, Utah has several fantastic swimming areas and freshwater lakes perfect for a dip – provided you have a sense of adventure. Finding a good beach or swimming hole in Utah typically requires a bit of hiking or off-road travel – and these oases are certainly worth the effort to get to ...

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