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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find hidden job vacancies?

The Hidden Job Market: How to Find Hidden Job OpportunitiesBehind the scenes of the hidden job market. Generally, most people who are looking for a job first go down the well-trodden paths of perusing job boards, classified ads, recruitment ...Get your network working. ...Send out spontaneous candidatures. ...

What does job vacancy mean?

Vacancy definition. Vacancy refers to a vacant job position within a company. When a vacancy occurs, it is the responsibility of the hiring managers to determine if this type of position is still required and which duties and responsibilities it entails. They also have to analyze if the role could be offered on a more flexible working pattern, on a fixed term or open-ended basis.

How to ask for a job vacancy through email?

Introduce yourself. Use your full name. ...Discuss your accomplishments if they’re pertinent to your inquiry. For example: “I am an experienced web designer and IT specialist with ten years experience, looking for new challenges.”Say why you’re calling. For example: “I would appreciate a minute of your time to ask about vacancies in your IT department.”

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