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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to have a good voice to be a voice actor?

If you have a great voice and decent acting skills, you can break into the voice-over industry and become a successful voice actor. All you need is time, voice-acting training, a quiet space, and a lot of practice.

What is an example of voice?

Types of Voicea. Narrator’s voice. The narrator’s voice expresses the attitude of the person who is actually directly telling us the story.b. Author’s voice. The author’s voice directly reflects the attitude of the author himself. ...c. Character Voices. ...

How do I connect my voice?

Set up your Digital Voice handsetsPower up - unpack your Digital Voice handset and connect the power cable to the back of the charger base. ...Activate the batteries - pull the plastic tab away from the handsetLink the handset - press OK on your phone and follow the on-screen steps. ...Software downloads - once your phone is registered, it might have to download a software update. ...More items...

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