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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the best Walther pistols for sale?

Find the Walther Arms for sale you need for sporting, self-defense or professional applications at the trusted Walther Arms store. Shop to find the best deals on Walther Pistols and Rifles for sale. Browse listings of the PPK, PPQ, PPS, P22, PDP, P99, P38, CCP, Q4, PK380, PPS M2, PPK/S and many more.

How to find a Walther dealer?

Via the search function you have the opportunity to browse our importer network. The importers / distributors of Walther products in your country will help you to find a local WALTHER dealer. Just use the search interface below. The more details you give, the more accurate the search result.

Who is Walther Arms?

Walther Arms has been renown throughout the world for its innovation since Carl Walther and his son, Fritz, created the first semi-automatic pistol in 1886. Today, the innovative spirit of its founders lives on as the company celebrates 125+ years as one of the world’s leading premium manufacturers of sporting, defense and competition firearms.

What is the best online gun shop?

From pocket pistols to AR15s, Gunbuyer has you covered with the best online shopping experience possible for your firearm needs. Walther PDP F Series The award-winning Walther PDP has been a smash hit since its introduction thanks in large part to its outstanding trigger, reliability...

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