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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Walthers O scale buildings?

Walthers also pioneered a great line of O Scale buildings which you will still frequently find here at Trainz. Make Trainz your favorite source for both current and out of production items!

Does Walthers own life-like?

In 2005, Walthers acquired Life-Like and its line of Proto 1000 and Proto 2000 trains. An interesting feature about the Walthers line is the company’s theme packaging of kits. Walthers produces HO-scale freight cars, locomotives, structures, vehicles, and accessories and often combines all these product lines into a complete themed group.

Is Walthers a registered trademark?

Walthers® and its associated graphics and logos are trademarks of Wm. K. Walthers, Inc.

What is Walthers Cornerstone series?

Walthers Cornerstone Series line of structure kits and accessories provides you with the largest assortment of realistic, easy-to-assemble North American structures in both HO and N scales, plus bridges, turntables, and other accessories that will bring your layout to life.

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