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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Walthers HO scale train set?

These Walthers HO Scale train sets or "Starter Sets" usually include a power supply along with the track & train. While better starter sets usually include a more robust power source, as a general rule, the power pack supplied with your starter set is just that, a start. TrainWorld is your source for all your HO scale model train set needs.

Can Walthers provide a starter freight or passenger train set?

Walthers can provide one of many starter freight or passenger train sets in HO, N, O, Z or G scale. In Stock? You have no items in your wish list. Sign up for Walthers emails to get special offers and news! To place an order by phone please call 1-800-4-TRAINS during regular business hours.

Who makes Walthers trains?

Walthers Trains. Walthers was founded in Milwaukee in 1932 by William K. Walthers whose passion and dedication to model railroading began when he was only seven years old. Because he wrote a series of articles on building train control and signaling systems, other modelers began clamoring for him to start manufacturing these items.

Where can I find Walthers O scale buildings?

Walthers also pioneered a great line of O Scale buildings which you will still frequently find here at Trainz. Make Trainz your favorite source for both current and out of production items!

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