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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I issue a warranty deed?

How Do I Issue a Warranty Deed? 1. Engage the services of a title insurance company to do a title search of the real estate you intend to transfer using…. 2. Obtain a warranty deed form from the register of deeds office in the county where the real estate is located. 3. Fill out the warranty deed.

Does a warranty deed need a witness in Texas?

Other documents that will also require a witness to be present regardless of the state one may be residing in, are Warranty Deeds, mortgage documents, Deeds of Trust, Grant Deeds and Quit Claim Deeds. State wide specific requirement of witness for notarization

How much does a warranty deed cost?

You may want to check with your real estate agent, the county recorder’s office or a title company for warranty deeds services. You can also go online and look at warranty deed preparation services online who will prepare warranty deeds for you in exchange for a fee of around $250.

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