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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Wesleyan and Baptist?

What is the difference between Baptist and Wesleyan? Baptists baptize in the water only believers (adults, rational) people. Wesleyan churches are more along the line of Methodist churches, as far as their founders. They believe in being saved by doing good works instead of being saved by grace.

Does Wesleyan have a motto?

nope, wesleyan does not have an official motto. it’s had a few nicknames, like Diversity University or a flawed attempt by the administration to call it the Independent Ivy, but as far as mottos go, wes doesn’t have one…

What makes Wesleyan special?

What makes Wesleyan University so special? Wesleyan is unique in that it attracts creative, open-minded students who are passionate about intellectual pursuits and outside pursuits. Is Wesleyan University a party-school? Parties are open to all. Wesleyan students seem to be able to balance work and play well.

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