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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Brisbane River Flood 2011 happen?

Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. On 13th January 2011 major flooding occurred throughout most of the Brisbane River catchment, most severely in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Creek catchment (where 23 people drowned), the Bremer River catchment and in Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland.

What has come out of the 2011 flooding?

Another positive signal to come out of the 2011 flooding has been a decision by the Brisbane City Council to raise the Defined Flood Level (DFL) for rebuilding purposes using the January 2011 peak flood level in most areas. Prior to this the flood control levels were based on the notional (modeled) 1-in-100 year flood.

What happened in Brisbane and Queensland in December 2010?

One of the most devastating of recent floods in Australian history hit Brisbane and Queensland in December 2010. Thirty five people were killed, over two hundred thousand people were affected by it, and damages came to around 2.38 billion AUS dollars. It was not just one flood, but a series of them caused by bad weather in the preceding months.

Why is Brisbane prone to flooding?

Brisbane has two features that make it susceptible to flooding. A subtropical climate naturally suited to big rain events and a city and suburbs built beside rivers and creeks in front of mountain ranges.

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