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Frequently Asked Questions

What caused the Brisbane floods of 1893 and 1974?

The floods of 1893 (actually a series of three flood peaks over a period of three weeks) and 1974 were both caused by rainfall from decaying tropical cyclones. In January 1974 Tropical Cyclone Wanda crossed the coast about 150 km north of Brisbane, and then followed a southwesterly track.

What has come out of the 2011 flooding?

Another positive signal to come out of the 2011 flooding has been a decision by the Brisbane City Council to raise the Defined Flood Level (DFL) for rebuilding purposes using the January 2011 peak flood level in most areas. Prior to this the flood control levels were based on the notional (modeled) 1-in-100 year flood.

Why is Queensland flooding so bad?

The devastating flooding in Queensland is the result of Australia being in the grip of an unusually strong " La Niña ", a periodic climate phenomenon that brings more rain to the western Pacific, and less to South America along the eastern Pacific.

What happened in Brisbane in 2011?

On 13th January 2011 major flooding occurred throughout most of the Brisbane River catchment, most severely in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Creek catchment (where 23 people drowned), the Bremer River catchment and in Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland. Some 56,200 claims have been received by insurers with payouts totalling $2.55 billion.

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