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Frequently Asked Questions

What caused the Brisbane floods of 1893 and 1974?

The floods of 1893 (actually a series of three flood peaks over a period of three weeks) and 1974 were both caused by rainfall from decaying tropical cyclones. In January 1974 Tropical Cyclone Wanda crossed the coast about 150 km north of Brisbane, and then followed a southwesterly track.

How many lives were lost in the Brisbane floods?

The flooding caused the loss of 23 lives in the Lockyer Valley and one in Brisbane, and an estimated 18,000 properties were inundated in metropolitan Brisbane, Ipswich and elsewhere in the Brisbane River Valley.

Was the Brisbane flood a dam release flood?

Very large text size Releases from Wivenhoe Dam raised water levels in the Brisbane River by up to 10 metres during January's flood, a panel of independent hydrologists has found. The hydrology report, commissioned by the Insurance Council of Australia and published yesterday, ruled the Brisbane flood to be a “dam release flood”.

What was the impact of the Queensland floods?

The state's coal industry was particularly hard hit. The Queensland floods were followed by the 2011 Victorian floods which saw more than fifty communities in western and central Victoria also grapple with significant flooding.

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