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Frequently Asked Questions

What are mirror neurons and why should you care?

What are mirror neurons and why should you care? Since ancient times, people can predict and recognize danger. It’s a survival instinct of our brain. Our body language and facial expression work like a separate language. Mirror neurons allow us to identify the emotions and mood of others and predict their behavior.

What do mirror neurons provide a biological basis for?

The research group of Giacomo Rizzolatti assumes that mirror neurons form the biological basis of compassion and thereby of affective empathic experience. The research regarding mirror neurons is yet in early stages and further research is required to specify mirror neuron systems.

Do mirror neurons affect your behavior?

“Mirror neurons show how what you see can be connected with what you do, but human beings can also regulate their behavior .” Psychologists are finding that the mature adult mirror system does indeed seem to regulate itself, particularly when it comes to empathy. Such checks and balances occur for our own good.

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