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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Tabcorp's share price?

This follows the successful demerger of its lotteries and Keno businesses These businesses have been spun off into a separate listing named The Lottery Corporation The Tabcorp Holdings Limited ( ASX: TAH) share price has crashed significantly lower on Tuesday morning. In early trade, the gaming company’s shares are down a massive 82% to 93 cents.

Is Tabcorp Holdings (tah) The Biggest Loser on the ASX?

Shares of Tabcorp Holdings [ASX:TAH] lost 4.28% on Tuesday, closing at $4.25. This was the biggest loser out of the top 200 ASX listed stocks. What’s going on with the TAH Shares?

What happens to Tabcorp shares after demerger?

Assuming a demerger is agreed upon [by shareholders] and the courts on 12 May, shareholders will be issued with one new share in its strongly performing lotteries division – ASX-listed The Lottery Corporation (TLC) - for each Tabcorp share they currently own, while retaining their share of Tabcorp.

How many shares are on issue for Tabcorp and the Lottery Corporation?

This is based on 2,225,771,703 shares on issue and a share price of $5.34. Today, eligible shareholders have been given one share in The Lottery Corporation for every Tabcorp share they owned. This means there are now 2,225,771,703 shares on issue for both Tabcorp and The Lottery Corporation.

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