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What caused the Brisbane floods of 2011?

Climate change was also blamed, as the temperature of the ocean surrounding Australia was said to have risen by half a degree, producing more vapour. The flooding continued into January 2011, becoming worse in Brisbane. On the 11th January, the Brisbane River’s banks broke and the surrounding areas were forced to evacuate.

What happened in Brisbane and Queensland in December 2010?

One of the most devastating of recent floods in Australian history hit Brisbane and Queensland in December 2010. Thirty five people were killed, over two hundred thousand people were affected by it, and damages came to around 2.38 billion AUS dollars. It was not just one flood, but a series of them caused by bad weather in the preceding months.

How many people were evacuated in Queensland during the floods?

Milton, an inner-city suburb in Brisbane in 2010 (left) and after the 2011 floods (right) [Source: NearMap Imagery]. 78% of the state of Queensland was declared a disaster zone. Over 12,000 people were accommodated in 34 evacuation centres, which were managed by the Red Cross.

What caused record rainfall in Queensland in December 2010?

Unprecedented and prolonged rainfall during December 2010 in Queensland was caused by a strong La Nina weather pattern, setting record high rainfall totals in over 100 locations for the month. The heavy and widespread rain continued in January, culminating in the Queensland river catchment system which feeds into the Brisbane River being overcome.

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