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Frequently Asked Questions

Which tree has acorns on it?

Oaks are the only trees with acorns, but there are plenty of other trees out there that produce similar nut-like fruits. So if you’ve ever confused acorns with other tree nuts, you’re not alone.

Are there any oak trees that do not produce acorns?

The answer to the question can nevertheless be “no” because oak trees before reaching maturity do not produce acorns. The number of years to reproductive maturity varies among the oaks but generally is 20 or more.

What type of trees produce hardwoods and softwoods?

Hardwoods and softwoods Hardwoods typically come from broad-leaved (deciduous) trees (those that drop their leaves each fall, also known as angiosperms because their seeds are encased in fruits or pods). Examples include ash, beech, birch, mahogany, maple, oak, teak, and walnut. what are the types of wood?

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