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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the author of 1 and 2 Chronicles?

The tradition is that 1 and 2 Chronicles were written by Ezra. Purpose of Writing: The Books of 1 & 2 Chronicles cover mostly the same information as 1 & 2 Samuel and 1 & 2 Kings. The Books of 1 & 2 Chronicles focus more on the priestly aspect of the time period.

What is the purpose of first and Second Chronicles?

The book of 1 Chronicles covers just 40 years while 2 Chronicles is approximately 424 years. The book of 1 Chronicles is a book that was written from the perspective of a priest. The author’s goal is to help the people who have been away from the temple to understand what life in Jerusalem was like before the Babylonian captivity.

Who wrote the Book of First Chronicles?

Who wrote the book? “The chronicler,” as scholars have long referred to the author of this book, is anonymous. Jewish tradition speculates that Ezra could have written 1 and 2 Chronicles, which—like Samuel and Kings—originally formed one work. But nothing within the text provides a definitive clue as to the compiler of the material.

What is the meaning of Chronicles in the Bible?

‘Chronicles’ means a ‘list of events’. Jerome translated the Bible into the language called Latin in the 4th century AD. (‘AD’ means ‘after Christ was born’.) In time, the name of the books became Chronicles. The last event in the second book is when King Cyrus let the *Jews return to their land (2 Chronicles 36:22-23).

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