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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Indonesian Wikipedia?

The Indonesian Wikipedia ( Indonesian: Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, WBI for short) is the edition of Wikipedia in the Indonesian language. The Indonesian Wikipedia is the fifth-fastest-growing Wikipedia in an Asian language after the Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Turkish language Wikipedias. It ranks 25th in terms of depth among Wikipedias.

What is Bahasa Indonesia?

Bahasa Indonesia ( lit. Indonesian language) Indonesian language ( Indonesian: Bahasa Indonesia ) is the national and official language of Indonesia and is used in the entire country. It is a form of the Malay language. It is the language of official communication, taught in schools and used for broadcast in electronic and digital media.

When did the Indonesian language Wikipedia start?

The Indonesian language Wikipedia started on May 30, 2003. Its first article was about Elektron (Electron). Coverage of many places in Indonesia and a set example for the use of the formal Indonesian language.

Is wikipedia gratis in Indonesia?

« Pemandangan Pulau Saona di Republik Dominika tenggara. Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia disediakan secara gratis oleh Wikimedia Foundation, sebuah organisasi nirlaba.

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