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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most valuable NASCAR collectibles?

When we exclude stock cars from our search, we are left with all sorts of interesting NASCAR collectibles such as airplanes, boats, figurines, haulers, helmets, pedal cars, trains, and trucks. The most valuable in this eclectic group is this RCR engine that is autographed by Richard Childress, Fred Wagenhals, and Dale Earnhardt Sr.

What is Kevin Harvick's most valuable NASCAR diecast?

Aside from Harvick's 2006 Lucky Platinum Elite inserts (of which only two examples were made), this diecast is Kevin Harvick's most valuable NASCAR diecast. Only 25 units were produced in a beautiful white gold finish. This diecast has a book value of about $750 and a wholesale value of $300.

What is the most expensive NASCAR diecast?

This original production NASCAR diecast is the most expensive Dale Earnhardt Sr., excluding prototypes and samples. It’s a rare collectible because only 100 pieces exist worldwide, and it’s not readily available at your average collectible store. The #3 Bass Pro 1998 Chevy is a 1:24 scale extremely rare example.

How to value Dale Earnhardt diecast collectibles?

There are three significant factors to consider when valuing Dale Earnhardt diecast collectibles – Materials, Size, and Licensing fee. Dale Earnhardt diecast cars were made from metal, at 1:24 scales, and undisclosed licensing fee.

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