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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Woods Bagot London studio?

The Woods Bagot London studio is in Fitzrovia, close to many of our clients and consultant teams, making the space a brilliant base for project collaboration. Everyone in the studio plays their part in creating an open and hospitable culture that produces exceptional buildings and spaces.

What is Woods Bagot?

WOODS BAGOT is a global architecture studio. WOODS BAGOT is a global design studio. We span 17 studios across 6 regions. We do not adhere to a signature style. We are a multi-authorship practice. We create alongside clients, communities & other creatives. We specialize in Architecture, Interiors & Masterplanning.

Who is the lighting company for the Woods Bagot project?

The feature lighting is by Rakumba Lighting , who will share the space in a creative partnership between the two businesses. Woods Bagot wins two titles at this year’s British Homes Awards! Woods Bagot wins two titles at this year’s British Homes Awards!

What is Woods Bagot's “re-charge La” proposal?

Woods Bagot’s “Re-Charge LA” proposal uses an electric mobility hypothesis as an opportunity to reinvigorate and re-energize the future of our infrastructure and create high-quality and evolving community-oriented places.

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