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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Woods Bagot?

Woods Bagot is a global architectural and consulting practice that was founded in Australia. It specialises in the design and planning of buildings across a wide variety of sectors and disciplines, including aviation and transport, education, science and health, lifestyle, sport and the workplace. Known originally for its work at...

Who is the lighting company for the Woods Bagot project?

The feature lighting is by Rakumba Lighting , who will share the space in a creative partnership between the two businesses. Woods Bagot wins two titles at this year’s British Homes Awards! Woods Bagot wins two titles at this year’s British Homes Awards!

What's new at Woods Bagot?

Woods Bagot CEO Nik Karalis says the new design, revealed in August, has brought fresh energy to the 1875 character of the former Hotel Continental, and is a tribute to entrepreneur George Coppin, who developed the original venue.

What happened to Woods Bagot & Jory?

Woods retired from the practice known as Woods, Bagot & Jory on 30 June 1915, and Louis Laybourne-Smith became a partner in the practice, causing the practice to be renamed Woods, Bagot, Jory & Laybourne Smith. [3] Woods died in January 1916. [4]

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