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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Woods Bagot Sydney?

Based in the central city above the Wynyard Walk train station and the Woods Bagot designed Wynyard Walk , Woods Bagot Sydney is the perfect central location for clients and collaborators to visit . Based around the concept of hospitality and welcome , the studio is the perfect place to meet, talk and share ideas.

What is Woods Bagot's AI Plaza?

The first commercial plaza in West Bund, Shanghai’s emerging art and media precinct, Woods Bagot 's AI PLAZA has made a splash at multiple local and international awards – including the 2022 Global Retail & Leisure International Awards, World Architecture News | World Interiors News, and CREDAWARD.

Why did Boris Tosic choose Woods Bagot?

With the keywords of “luxury” and “bespoke,” the Tosics approached Woods Bagot with “no preconceived ideas” of how the design was to develop. This leap of faith was aided by the fact that Boris Tosic would be building the scheme.

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