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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sitting on a yoga ball do?

(Solved) It is believed that sitting on a yoga ball instead of a chair can improve posture and help to prevent and treat back discomfort.

Does a yoga ball chair improve posture?

While sitting on a yoga ball may give you a core workout in short bursts, there isn’t a lot of evidence that it automatically improves posture. “A yoga ball chair doesn’t guarantee good posture,” says Caitlin Reid, holistic physiotherapist and wellness consultant at Aprivé Wellness. “You still have to think about how you’re sitting.”

What is good sitting posture on a ball?

Good sitting posture on the ball, or in any chair includes having the hips slightly above knee level with the feet flat on the floor. Ask your physical therapist to recommend the proper size and inflation if you are thinking of using one.

What are yoga ball poses?

The practice of yoga ball poses can be static or dynamic. The static poses are usually held for several breaths, whereas the dynamic poses are those where a certain type of movement using the ball is repeated several times. In the static poses, the focus is on strength gaining, while in the dynamic poses, it is both strength and flexibility.

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