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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Sacagawea coin?

How much is a Sacagawea dollar coin worth? Sacagawea Coin Values Standard uncirculated Sacagawea dollar coins are worth $2 to $3, with proofs selling for $10 to $15. The 2000 Goodacre presentation finish Sacagawea coins were struck in a very small quantity (5,000 pieces) and are worth around $600 each.

Is the Sacagawea dollar worth anything?

Though you don’t probably don’t see Sacagawea dollars often, nothing about them is rare, and there are really no ‘valuable’ Sacagawea dollars, except for those which have been certified by coin grading services and have a perfect or nearly perfect grade.

What is the value of a Sacagawea gold coin?

However, your regular strike Sacagawea coins are still just worth $1 and will likely only be worth a dollar for the foreseeable future. A moderate exception would be that some of the older rolls do sell for a very small premium over their face value. All Sacagawea coins, while gold in color, have absolutely no precious metals value.

Are Sacagawea coins rare?

The approximate value of an uncirculated Sacagawea gold coin ranges from $1.00 to $4.50, as of 2015. The only exceptions are the rare uncirculated Sacagawea gold coins known as the Wounded Eagle coin, which has a value of $280, and the Cheerios coin, which is valued at $1,900.

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