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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs make 25 dollars an hour?

20 Jobs That Pay $25 per Hour 1. Vocational education teachers, postsecondary 2. Stationary engineers and boiler operators 3. Health care practitioners and technical workers, all other 4. Curators 5. Transit and railroad police 6. Court reporters 7. Subway and streetcar operators 8. Aircraft mechanics and service technicians

What are the easiest careers to get into?

4 Careers That Are Easy To Get Into Nurses and Skilled Nursing Assistants. We know you're probably tired of hearing how the Baby Boomers will be needing record levels of care as they age, but that's only because ... Home Care Services. ... Sales Jobs. ... Manufacturing and Construction. ... The Bottom Line. ...

What are some careers that pay well?

The best paid jobs include professions like law, teaching and medicine and those in managerial roles, from HR to PR. Meanwhile the lowest paid jobs include waiters, cleaners and carers - jobs that are also less likely to offer long-term security or employee benefits.

What are the most exciting careers?

Being a detective is considered one of the most exciting jobs that pay well around the world. If you have already worked for the police or the government you have the opportunity to later become a detective. Detectives deal with drug lords, criminals, crimes of violence, and homicides.

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