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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of the$ uicideboy$?

Hailing from New Orleans, the $uicideboy$ are a rap duo of two cousins: Scott Arceneaux Jr. and Aristos Petrou. However, many different names and personas are used in place of their real names—for example, “Ruby Da Cherry,” “$uicide Christ,” and many more—each having individual meanings.

When did uicideboy$ release their first album?

Petrou and Arceneaux have described the project as therapy and treat it as such, self-releasing music at an almost continuous clip and developing a cultlike fan base along the way. Their first official album, 2018’s utterly DIY I Want to Die in New Orleans, cracked the Billboard Top 10; their second, Stop Staring at the Shadows, followed in 2020.

What kind of music does black uicide Boy make?

The cousins layered their twisted raps over short but snappy tracks, releasing albums and EP’s along the way; such as Black $uicide, Grey/Gray and YUNGDEATHLILLIFE in 2015. Ruby has not always been a rapper. Before the era of $B—Ruby was a drummer in a punk-rock band who went by the name of Vapo-Rats.

How did$ uicideboy perform at agian Arena?

Fantastic performance, only opener was a DJ playing hype music which is cool with me. They got on stage and brought tons of energy. It is obvious that they love their fans and give every show their all. Moshed all night, was a blast Would do it all over agian if I could.

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