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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Li Ziqi and what does she do?

Li Ziqi is a Vlogger who showcases Chinese food and living a traditional Chinese country-life. As an internet celebrity, she gets more and more popular on YouTube and Chinese social media like Weibo. Even though she lives in remote Sichuan, China, but she has more than 8 million subscribers overseas and another 20 million followers in China.

Where does Chinese vlogger Li Ziqi live in China?

Living a slow-paced, fairytale-like rural life in southwest China's Sichuan Province, Chinese Vlogger Li Ziqi is impressing millions of viewers around the globe with her videos. In her videos, Li makes everything, ranging from paper to cloth, dresses and even a sofa, from scratch with her own hands.

How tall is Li Ziqi height and weight?

Height: Li Ziqi has a height of 5 ft. Weight: Li Ziqi has a weight of 48 kg. Eye Color: The eye color is black Hair Color: The hair color is brownish-black

How much does Li Ziqi make a year?

She now owns a youtube channel as well as an online shop where she sells her handmade items. She has a fan following from all around the world due to her amicable videos with soothing background music. Her followers appreciate her hard work. Li Ziqi has a net worth of $8.7 Million.

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