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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 0600 in military time stand for?

0600 is pronounced as: "zero six hundred hours" or "oh six hundred hours" or "zero-six-zero-zero hours" or "oh-six-oh-oh hours".

How many calls have been made to the 0600 number?

There have been 2,467 phone lookups and 20 comments relating to this number. On this page: 10 Users rated it as Dangerous, 6 Users rated it as Harassing and 4 Users rated it as Unknown. The summary of detected keywords found in the reports is as follow: broadband (6 times), Amazon (5 times), scam (5 times), BT (2 times), automated message (2 times)

Where is the postcode 0600 in New Zealand?

Browse Postcode - 0600 - Page 1. Location Suburb City Region Postcode; Acton Place: Avondale: Auckland: Auckland: 0600

What's the difference between 6 am and 0600 am?

6 AM standard time (12-hour time format) is equal to 0600 military time (24-hour time format). What is 0600 AM military time? In military time format, we don’t use AM or PM to tell the time.

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