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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the texture pack do in Minecraft?

This pack will make all your textures look clean and better in Minecraft 1.17. For all the true Minecraft connoisseurs with an extra taste for textures. This pack will improve the blocky ridges and corners in your game. The texture pack also affects even the enemies and other elements of the game.

Are there shaders for Minecraft Xbox One edition?

So far, there are only “Official” Shaders for MCPE and Java Edition. Shaders for Console offer features like moving clouds, falling foliage, super realistic sunbeams, and even reflective water. Today we’re finally going to show you a Shaders installation tutorial for Minecraft Xbox One Edition.

What is the recommended resolution for purebdcraft?

However, the recommended resolution is 128x128. Use the resolution which fit the "performance" of your computer! What is PureBDcraft? PureBDcraft is a ResourcePack 100% complete for the very latest version of Minecraft (All items, all blocks, all mobs, clouds, sun, moon, Random textures, Sounds, 3D Models, ... are available).

What do I do if my sapixcraft textures are not working?

• 2: If you have any problem with the textures, please just make sure that you use the latest version from (join the Sapixcraft Discord if you still have a problem). DO NOT publish this resourcepack to another websites without my permission! Sapixcraft 1.17 R1 is now live! Create an account or sign in to comment.

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