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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Minecraft Forge version 1 17?

At the time of writing, there is no Forge 1.17 available. But hold on for a bit, because it could be coming very soon although there is no fixed release date yet. We will update this article when there is more information about the same. If you want to run mods that are compatible with Minecraft 1.17 then you need the latest Forge for it.

How to install Minecraft Forge on Windows 10?

Follow these simple steps to download Forge 1.17 and install it. Head to the Minecraft Forge website. You will see the latest version there. Click on the Installer from Download Latest or Download Recommended based on your requirement. Based on the mods and Minecraft version you are using or want to use, download and install that version of Forge.

How many mods are there in Minecraft?

Minecraft. 74,546 Mods. Start Project. Bukkit Plugins. Modpacks. Customization. Addons. Mods. Resource Packs.

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