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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was 10 Commandments filmed?

The Ten Commandments was filmed on location in Egypt, Mount Sinai and the Sinai Peninsula, and was DeMille’s last and most successful work.

What are the 10 Commandments really all about?

The Ten Commandments form the basis of Jewish law, stating God's universal and timeless standard of right and wrong - unlike the rest of the 613 commandments in the Torah, which include, for example, various duties and ceremonies such as the kashrut dietary laws, and now unobservable rituals to be performed by priests in the Holy Temple.

Why are there only 10 Commandments?

Answer. There are only ten commandments in the Old Testament because those commandments are a synthesis of the natural law. Other sins are classified by moral theologians under the existing Old Testament commandments. The additions you suggest would fit in various places under commandments 4–10, which deal with how to treat other people.

Why the 10 commandments are being removed?

This is why the 10 Commandments are being removed, because they serve as a reminder to the citizenry of a universal standard of good and evil, right and wrong, justice and injustice which is higher than the whims and concoctions of mere men and women, elected or unelected, in the American government.

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