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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the examples of computer ethics?

Computer ethics is the application of moral principles to the use of computers and the Internet. Examples include intellectual property rights, privacy policies, and online etiquette, or " netiquette ". Computers make it easy to duplicate and redistribute digital content.

What are the ethics of the Ten Commandments?

Article Thou shall not use their leadership position to bully or harm other people. Thou shall not practice or encourage dishonesty, disrespect or devaluing. Thou shall not avoid serving others. Thou shall not divide or tear-down teams, organizations or communities. Thou shall not treat followers, team members or people unfairly. More items...

What is Computer Ethics Institute?

Computer Ethics Institute. The Computer Ethics Institute (CEI) is a nonprofit research, education, and public policy organization focused on the issues, dilemmas, and challenges of advancing information technology within ethical frameworks.

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