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Frequently Asked Questions

How does 10 minute mail work?

The answer is 10 Minute Mail. As the name suggests, you get a temporary email address for precisely 10 minutes. It is a secure throwaway email service that acts as a blessing to save you from spam and other fishy websites. When you receive a message, you can click on it to reveal it's content.

What is 10 min email?

The 10 minute mail is a service meant for every internet user who is aware of the available security risks involved in giving out email addresses. So, whoever wants to avoid receiving spam emails and wants to have control over who sends them emails needs the 10 minute mail.

How do I show all messages in my inbox?

From any email folder, such as your inbox, select View > Conversation Settings. Select any of the available options. Show Messages from Other Folders Use this option to display messages in the conversation that have been moved to other folders as well as messages you've sent that are stored in your Sent Items folder.

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