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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Tammy die from 1000 pound sisters?

Fortunately, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans can take comfort in the fact that the death rumors are just rumors. Tammy Slaton is not dead.

Where to watch 1000 pound sisters season 2?

There are a few additional ways to watch 1000 Pound Sisters Season 2. New episodes of the reality show are available to stream on with a valid cable log-in (however, the Season 2 premiere is available for free streaming!).

What happened to the 1000 lb sisters?

After 1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton receives her gastric bypass surgery, she begins to lose a lot of weight. In total, she ends up dropping more than 120 pounds. However, as she loses weight, her sister Tammy Slaton puts it on. On the TV show, it’s revealed that Tammy’s put on more than 50 pounds in less than one month.

What Night is 1000 lb sisters on?

1000-lb Sisters, News, Reality TV, TLC Shows Monday night is 1000-Lb. Sisters day, and you might be rushing to see the latest new episode of Season 2.

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