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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the hosts of NJ 101.5 the morning show?

The morning's fill-in host, Trentonian columnist Jeff Edelstein, spent most of his shift discussing the suspension. He did not speak for Malloy and Franco, but took a sympathetic view, saying that unlike him in his newspaper job, the hosts do not have an editor or the benefit of time to more closely consider the words they use.

Is there a radio station in New Jersey?

Music, mostly oldies, is still played on weekends and some holidays. The NJ 101.5 FM heavily brands itself as New Jersey’s own radio station — “Not New York. Not Philadelphia. Proud to be New Jersey!"

When did NJ 101.5 turn to all talk?

After it turned to an all-talk station in 1990, the station’s personalities helped to rally New Jersey residents against tax increases. A huge Statehouse rally called out officials on the approximately $2.8 billion increase in taxes.

Who are Dennis and Judi from NJ 101.5?

Franco, now a resident of Long Branch with her husband, Mark, is originally from San Francisco, where she was a child actress and singer. When her parents moved to New Jersey, she continued to pursue her interests in community theater and radio, according to her NJ 101.5 biography.

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