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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use 1040EZ form?

A form 1040EZ is suitable for a single person or married couple without children who can meet income requirements. To use the 1040EZ, you must file as single or married filing jointly, and you cannot claim dependents.

When to use 1040EZ?

Taxpayers can use the 1040EZ if they are filing as single or married filing jointly without dependents and they meet certain income requirements.

What is a 1040EZ form?

A 1040EZ is a simplified form that can be used for people with no dependents who make less than $100,000 US Dollars (USD) in taxable income per year and take standardized, rather than itemized, deductions. A 1040A form is similar, but includes income forms such as tips, income dividends, and pensions.

What is IRS 1040EZ tax form?

The Form 1040EZ is the shortest and the simplest IRS form that allows taxpayers with no complex incomes and investments to file their annual federal tax returns without much of the hassles but with certain limitations of course. The Form 1040, on the contrary, is the complex of the three IRS forms but with most number of options to file tax returns.

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