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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is wrawraith in Apex Legends?

Wraith is one of the three offense-focused fighters in Apex Legends, so she's specifically designed to be one of her team's major damage dealers.

How many legend skins for Wraith in Apex Legends?

Many of the old research facilities, however, are buried beneath the heavily guarded arenas used for the Apex Games. She now returns to where she arrived in this world and joined the competition, and with every match, she gets closer to the truth. There are a total of 72 Legend skins for Wraith; 23 Legendary, 8 Epic, 25 Rare and 16 Common .

How long does it take for wraithwraith to activate her ability?

Wraith plays two animations when activating this ability, which takes 1.25 seconds in total. In the first second, she plays a "focusing" animation. In the last 0.25 seconds Wraith "activates" the ability.

What are the best Ultimate Skills in Apex Legends?

Ultimate Skill: Dimensional Rift - Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds, allowing your entire team to use them. Wraith has one of the most useful Ultimate skills in Apex Legends.

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