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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you send a 1099?

As a general rule, 1099 forms must be submitted to the taxpayer by January 31 st, and to the IRS by February 28 th. The form may be submitted to the IRS electronically to save time. If a business or individual has 250 or more 1099 payees in one calendar year, the forms must be submitted electronically to the IRS.

When do 1099s have to be mailed?

That's right, a consolidated 1099 form should be postmarked by February 16, 2021 , according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Actually, that's been the case for a while now-the 1099 mailing deadline changed starting with the 2008 tax year. Previously, firms were required to have these forms validated and postmarked by January 31.

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