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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a network switch, and how does it work?

A networking switch is the central device in a wired or wireless local area network (LAN). It receives signals from each computer on the network via Ethernet cables in a wired network or radio waves in a wireless LAN. In both cases, the switch directs traffic across the LAN, enabling the computers to talk to each other and share resources.

What is the best Ethernet switch?

7 Best Ethernet Switches to Buy in 2019 #1. NETGEAR Nighthawk S8000 Ethernet Switch #2. TP-Link Ethernet Switch 8 Port Gigabit #3. NETGEAR Ethernet Switch 8-Port Gigabit #4. TP-Link Ethernet Switch 5 Port Fast Ethernet Switch #5. TRENDnet Ethernet Switch 5-Port #6. NETGEAR Ethernet Switch 5-Port Gigabit #7.

What are the uses of network switch?

A network switch is used to connect computers and other devices to a wired local network. Ethernet cables are usually used with network switches, but some switches also have fiber-optic ports. Wired gigabit networks with switches are much faster than traditional wireless networks.

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