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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of optical cable does 10gtek use?

10Gtek's SFP+ Active Optical Cables are hot-swappable, low-voltage cable assemblies that connect directly into SFP+ modules at both ends.

How long has 10gtek been in the market?

In the past 10 years, 10Gtek has provided a variety of communication products to users around the world. Today, 10Gtek continues to move forward. For the coming decade, we are prepared.

What kind of test does 10gtek DAC pass?

In the 10Gtek Compatibility Lab, the unique EEPROM technique has been used to ensure the DACs are compatible with different brands on the original switches and routers. DACs of 10Gtek also 100% pass TDR&VNA test in the 10Gtek Signal Integrity Lab.

What can 10gtek's QSFP + extender be used for?

10Gtek's QSFP+Extender is used for long-distance transmission of QSFP+. The QSFP+Port could be transferred/converted into 4x SFP+port by Direct Attach Copper (DAC) technology under very lower insert lose. 10Gtek's QSFP+Extender are provided in 1U rack and movable version with 3.3V power supply.

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